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About Dr. Morales

Antonio Morales-Pita 1Hello, I am Dr. Antonio Morales-Pita, invited assistant professor of international studies at DePaul University since 2009. I was adjunct faculty of Economics and International Studies at DePaul from Spring 1999 to Spring 2009. I was born in Cuba, arrived in the United States in 1996, and received my American citizenship in 2004. I have been teaching at higher education institutions in Cuba, Mexico and the United States since 1965. I am recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award 2007, and the Media Star Award in 2008 at DePaul University, of the Cátedra Patrimonial de Excelencia Award and Grant by the Mexican Institute for Research in Higher Education at Merida’s Institute of Technology in 1994, as well as numerous awards for pedagogic and scientific achievements granted by the Cuban Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba, and the University of Havana in the period 1982 – 1990.

My education can be summarized as follows:

* 2nd PhD. in Economic Sciences (specialization: nation wide development planning in agric-industrial economics) at the Institute of Economics of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine, 1990.

* Ph.D. in Economics (specialization: quantitative methods) at the same institution mentioned above, 1982

* Master in Science in Operations Research at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland, 1971.

* Bachelor of Science in Economics, with a major in mathematics applied to economics, at the University of Havana, Cuba, 1967.

At DePaul University I am specialized in teaching Introductory Macroeconomics, Introductory Microeconomics, and Global Connections. I have also taught Introduction to Money and Banking, Managerial Economics, and Sustainable Development. As of the 2009 winter quarter I will start teaching Focal Point courses.

My research line is economic and political issues related to the Cuban transition to the market economy. In the period 1991 – 1995 as research fellow and leader of multidisciplinary research teams, my line of research was sustainable development. In the period 1976 – 1990, as research fellow and leader of multidisciplinary research teams, my line of research was economic development of the Cuban sugar agric-industry.

I have published five books related to the application of mathematics to economics, one book about methodology of research in economics, and one book {Havana-Mérida-Chicago – A Journey to Freedom}, which is my autobiography. My publishing history also comprises more than 150 papers in Cuban, Mexican, Ukrainian and American journals specialized in applied mathematics to economics and management; 25 articles in the weekly Hispanic newspaper “La Raza”, and 17 articles in www.cubanalisis.com related to economic and political issues in Cuba and in the U.S. I have participated in more than 100 scientific seminars in Cuba, Mexico and the United States with about 120 different papers related to the application of mathematics to economics, and to the Cuban and the American economy.

My book Havana-Mérida-Chicago, self-published in 2006 in English and Spanish, is a testimony of the economic, political, psychological, historic and religious impacts of the Cuban communist regime on the Cuban people. It is an inspirational story of my perseverant international journey to freedom based on my commitment to studies performed with God’s and my wife’s helps. The book pays homage to my mother, who – despite being illiterate until she turned 51– became my role model in education. As a result of publishing this book, as of February 2007 I have become inspirational speaker to parents of students in primary public schools in order to strengthen their relations to the teachers and the school. I have also finished the script of a future film based on the book, and at present I am searching for financial support.

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