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Workshops & Conf

Topics by Audience: For CPS & School Districts — For Corporations, Universities & Non-Profits — Mentorship — For the Elderly

Generalities about the structure of workshops and conferences


One-hour session broken down in forty minutes of lecture and twenty minutes of questions and conclusions

Two-hour session broken down in one-hour lecture, thirty minutes of discussions by groups, twenty minutes of conclusions by groups, and ten minutes of conclusion.

Three-hour session broken down in one-hour lecture, thirty minutes of discussions by groups, one hour of oral presentations by group representatives, and thirty minutes of questions and conclusions.

The number and duration of breaks will be agreed upon by Dr. Morales-Pita and the audience at the beginning of the activity. All workshops will include handouts prepared by Dr. Morales-Pita.

Example Schedules of Workshops:

Length of Workshop Time of Lecture Time of Group Discussion Time of Oral Presentation Time for Questions & Conclusions 1 hour 40 min. — — 20 min. 2 hours 1 hour 30 min. 20 min. 10 min. 3 hours 1 hour 30 min. 1 hour 30 min.


The duration of the lectures will depend on the number of issues included. You will find these issues broken down by audience. Please use the links at top of page to see all the available topics.

The lectures will follow an interactive structure with participation of the audience.

Arranging a Workshop or Conference:

To arrange a Workshop or Conference, please contact Dr. Antonio Morales-Pita to schedule a date & location.

You can contact Dr. Morales-Pita by email at or by phone at773.942.0023

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