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For CPS / School Districts

Structure of the Workshops & Conferences — Contact Dr. Morales-Pita about arranging a Workshop or Conference

Topics for Primary, Middle and High Schools

Geared toward students, parents, and faculty/staff:
1. How to improve study methods. The role of tenacity.
2. How to prepare for exams. The role of systematic study (individual and collective).
3. Parents’ involvement in their children’s education.
4. How can parents become role models in education for their children
5. How to succeed in academia.
6. How to succeed in the professional career.

Other Possible Topics:

Geared towards parents and faculty/staff: Responsible management of household finances:
1. Managing credit
2. Balancing options among savings, payment of debts, and investments
3. Renting vs. owning a home
4. Managing retirement options

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